Admin Page Spider and WooCommerce

One of the most powerful plugin combinations that will have you managing stores with thousands of products with ease!


WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. With Admin Page Spider, users can quickly find the products and orders tht make managing their online store a breze.

Admin Page Spider and WooCommerce are the perfect combination for those who want to make their online store more efficient and effective. With the help of these tools, users can save time and energy when managing their store.

Open Products Directly In WooCommerce

You can see all your products at a single glance. Get a fast access menu that lets you search, find and instantly view or edit a product in WooCommerce.

Also Supports WooOrders!

Admin Page Spider also supports by showing you your past orders! You have all your orders with the date and number information to conveniently help you find specific orders that have come through.
This makes searching a customer order basically instant.

Using Admin Page Spider and WooCommerce together is one of the most efficient ways to manage an online store. When you start having more than a handful of products, the benefits only compound and you end up saving more and more time and it's one of the best plugin combinations in the market.

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