Admin Page Spider and Easy Digital Downloads

With this combo, it is far easier and faster to manage your Downloads!

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Enhance your Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) workflow with the help of Admin Page Spider. Admin Page Spider provides convenient links to your EDD products directly in the admin bar. Say goodbye to tedious navigation and effortlessly access your products for quick editing and management.

Easy Digital Downloads is a robust eCommerce solution for selling digital products seamlessly. With features like flexible pricing options, secure file downloads, and comprehensive reporting, EDD simplifies the process of selling digital goods online. Admin Page Spider complements EDD by making product management even more efficient and user-friendly.

With Admin Page Spider, you can instantly access your Easy Digital Downloads products, saving valuable time and streamlining your workflow. Navigate effortlessly between products, update pricing, manage downloads, and fine-tune product details with ease. Maximize your productivity and unleash the full potential of Easy Digital Downloads with Admin Page Spider.

Previously you'd have to go into the dashboard, to the downloads, to the search, make your edits, hit publish, visit the actual page on the front end. Rinse and Repeat for every minor adjustment.
Now you can see them all at once and simply Hover, and Click. 

Simplify your Easy Digital Downloads experience with Admin Page Spider. Unlock the power of quick and easy access to your products, enhance your productivity, and effectively manage your digital eCommerce business. Elevate your workflow and optimize your online store with the powerful combination of Admin Page Spider and Easy Digital Downloads.