Admin Page Spider and Elementor

A powerful builder, with the efficiency of Admin Page Spider to build with speed

elementor logo

Elementor is a powerful page builder that allows users to create stunning pages without any coding knowledge. It has a drag and drop interface, so users can easily design pages with beautiful layouts and effects. Elementor also provides a variety of features, such as custom widgets, templates, and more. This makes it easier for users to create professional-looking pages quickly and easily.

Combining this with Admin Page Spider, allows Elementor to really start to demonstrate some speed.

Open Pages In Elementor Directly

Directly from your admin bar you can see, search, filter, view and open any link directly in the Elementor Editor. Saving you multiple clicks every time you want to edit a page.


Convenient in-editor menu

In addition to your regular WordPress experience, you also get a page link menu directly inside the Elementor editor. This means you can edit other pages as you think about something without even leaving the editor to make the changes to the page you're on.

So so powerful.