Editing pages in WordPress is painfully slow

Admin Page Spider is a tiny plugin that puts all your pages or post types into the admin bar.
Hover, view & edit in seconds with less wasted time

Join over 20,000! Active WordPress sites using Admin Page Spider to work smarter and faster!

Actual Speed Test:

WITHOUT Admin Page Spider - editing 1x page

s +

WITH Admin Page Spider - editing 1x page


Featured on the Official WordPress Plugin Repository!

Admin Page Spider is a feather-light (only 63kb) productivity plugin for WordPress. It provides a convenient list of your pages and post types right in your admin bar, allowing you instant access to view and edit anything on your site. Waste less time waiting for pointless pages to load!

Speed Up Workflow - No Unnecessary Page Loads

Avoid Dashboard Visits!

Instant Access to All Your Post Types

One of the world's best plugins for productivity 

Admin Page Spider will completely transform the way you work. Here are some epic features that make it one of the most powerful productivity plugins on the market.

Ultra Lightweight

Minimal Impact, Maximum Efficiency Despite being light at just 63kb, the plugin effectively organizes your list of pages and posts, optimizing your slow WordPress admin speed.

Additional Features for 15+ Third-party Plugins

Expanded Features for 15+ Third-party Plugins Compatible with a variety of market-leading plugins and platforms to get you started faster with more features, without making your WordPress admin slow.

No Effect on Site Speed

Zero Effect on Site Speed Being an admin-only plugin, it ensures that its installation has no impact on your customer experience and page speed metrics, addressing your slow WordPress admin concerns.

QuickAccess Menu

An extra menu for common WordPress features like media, plugins, the customizer, etc., for quicker, more efficient navigation.

WPML Multilingual Support

An instant overview of page languages - no more confusion about the language of the page you're editing, making your WordPress admin experience less slow and more efficient.

Search Filtering & Sorting

Instant Search Filtering & Sorting Experience intuitive fields to search, filter, and sort through your posts instantly. No waiting for page loads; just immediate results, optimizing your slow WordPress admin speed.

Multisite Compatible

One license gets you super-user level access for thousands of sites!

A Build-Your-Own Menu Feature

Even smaller plugins get support with a custom menu setup feature, enhancing the efficiency of your WordPress admin.

White labelling

All licenses allow for white labeling of Admin Page Spider, making it adaptable to your site's needs, speeding up your WordPress admin tasks.

Additional Features For Some Leading Plugins

Admin Page Spider also adds a suite of cool menus for leading platforms and more, ensuring compatibility and productivity gains without a slow WordPress admin interface. Once you install Admin Page Spider, you'll experience a significant boost in your productivity by making your WordPress admin experience faster, and more efficient.

Active on over 19,000 WordPress Sites!

From Website Developers with a 5 page brochure site, to international ecommerce stores with thousands of products, Admin Page Spider is popular for all sites and can make your site faster!

Give it a try, I think you'll understand why too.

Warm Fuzzies & Testimonials

Top rated WordPress plugin and exceptional customer support.

"This is the first plugin I install on every single one of my sites, I cannot live without it."

"Truly a time saver - you don't realise how clunky the navigation is in WordPress is til you use this plugin."

"This is awesome!"

"I just installed this on an ecommerce site with over 1500 products and I cannot believe how much this has streamlined our processes. What an amazing plugin!"

"This works amazing with Beaver Builder - gives you access to templates and saved rows with Themer too"

"I can see Pods and ACF too - this is great!"

"This should be baked into the default WordPress code"

"This plugin is a steal"

Work ~35% faster based on real world conditions!

Elevate your productivity levels with Admin Page Spider - a tool designed to optimize your workflow in real-world conditions. This plugin is not just about promises, it delivers tangible results that enable you to work approximately 35% faster. How, you may ask?

Admin Page Spider revolutionizes your work process by providing instant access to all your pages and post types, right in the WordPress admin bar. This eliminates the time spent navigating through numerous dashboard links, making your WordPress admin tasks more efficient. Its 'QuickAccess Menu' lets you swiftly access common WordPress features, thus shaving precious seconds off your work process.

Moreover, the plugin is optimized for speed, ensuring your WordPress admin interface doesn't lag, keeping your productivity levels high. Its compatibility with other third-party plugins and platforms means less time spent resolving compatibility issues, enabling a smoother workflow.

To put it succinctly, Admin Page Spider provides a faster, more streamlined workflow. The result? A substantial boost in productivity that empowers you to work approximately 35% quicker under real-world conditions, a game-changer in any professional setting.

Editing WITHOUT Admin Page Spider

  1. Visit Dashboard
  2. Search for page
  3. Click to edit page
  4. Click to open builder/editor/gutenburg
  5. Publish
  6. Click View Page

Editing WITH Admin Page Spider

  1. Hover
  2. Click to edit in your builder of choice
  3. Publish

Want To Try It Out?

Admin Page Spider isn't just a tool - it's a solution to the nagging issue of slow-loading websites. It brings efficiency, speed, and a user-friendly experience to the table, making it an integral part of any successful website management toolkit.

But don't just take our word for it. Give Admin Page Spider a whirl, and witness the transformative power it brings to your site's performance. We're confident you'll soon understand why it's the go-to plugin for improving site speed and optimizing workflow. Step into the world of seamless, efficient website management with Admin Page Spider. Your site deserves the best!