Maximize your productivity with Admin Page Spider – the WordPress plugin that makes site management a breeze!


No more visiting the dashboard! No more waiting for pointless pages to load! This lightweight WordPress plugin lets you use your site without sitting, waiting, wishing.

Saves you around 30-40% more time!*

* Actual controlled test scenario with 8 page website and builder!

Edit anything in a single click

With a single click, you can start working on any page, blog post, product and any other post type you can think of without ever having to visit the dashboard.

Never waste time on the dashboard again

Quickly access and edit any page without having to visit the dashboard. Now you can get directly to it, without having to go to any other pages in between. No need to visit the home page or the dashboard and go on a hunt to find it. It's just there right in front of you!

Active on over 15,000 Sites!

From Website Developers with a 5 page brochure site, to international ecommerce stores with thousands of products, Admin Page Spider is popular for all sites and can make your site faster!

Give it a try, I think you'll understand why too.

These Goodies!

See all your Pages & Posts in a single glance

Shows all your pages and posts with quick inline searching, filtering, and organising in a brilliantly easy list. It can even show you the dates the post was created, whether it's still a draft, and even which page language it is! The core functionality of Admin Page Spider - this alone has kept this plugin going for over 8 years and counting!


All other Post Types

If you have added a custom post type or other plugins, Admin Page Spider Pro will find it and create a menu for you! Now you can open literally anything in your wordpress - right from the admin bar! Time saver much!?


Admin Page Spider Pro integrates seamlessly with leading WordPress plugins and builders,

Almost every post type can be supported by Admin Page Spider!
Some work especially well, particularly these plugins!


Beaver Builder

Admin Page Spider adds quick access menu to really enrich working with Beaver Builder. You get a menu for all your pages. But also Beaver Themer features like Templates and saved Rows. You get quick links to refresh your cache and can even get an in-editor menu to start working on another page without even leaving BB! Admin Page Spider started with this plugin and 8 years later it's still going strong! 

visual composer

Visual Composer

Visual Composer editor is a big powerful machine. No one want's to wait around longer than they have to for pages to load. Enter Admin Page Spider! You'll get a convenient menu which lets you open all your pages directly in the composer without having to fluff around.

EDD Logo

Easy Digital Downloads

Stores that sell more than 1 product can quickly get unwieldy. Having to navigate through the dashboard and multiple menus just to find the right page to work on. NO MORE! Get a menu which opens all of them in a single click! See what Download products you have at a glance & save time!


Yellow Pencil (+Pro)

When you're busy customising the styles for your site, you don't wanna be distracted repeatedly by jumping in and out of page after dashboard after page. You just wanna get straight to editing. Yellow Pencil CSS Editor gets a quick access menu for the interface so you get your work done in half the time!



MicroThemer is a powerful CSS Editor, but that means you want to load up the editor once and be done with it - not have to jump in & out of dashboards just to start working. Admin Page Spider speeds things up dramatically by giving you a quick access menu to opening any page in MicroThemer. No more useless waiting, just fast and efficient time spent making your website look great.



Do you sell items using WooCommerce? It's one of the leading ecommerce platforms for WordPress and yet to find a product to edit is an absolute pain. Get a list directly in your admin bar that you can search, filter, sort and start editing or viewing any of your store products. As soon as you have 5 or more products you'll really start to feel the benefit of Admin Page Spider as it speeds up how you work dramatically. NEW! It even works with Orders now - you can easily search & find a customer order directly from the admin bar!



Not all page builders are equal. Some people prefer Oxygen's intuitive UI. But what makes it even better is Admin Page Spider. It gives you a handy menu to open up any page directly in the editor saving you multiple wasted page loads and clicks. Less waiting, more editing. How it should be!



Page Builders have revolutionised web design because they are fast! So why do they take so long to load & go in & out of to edit all your pages one by one? Admin Page Spider makes sure you can get to every page quickly and directly open in Elementor. You also get a menu inside the actual editor so you can flick to other pages without leaving the one you're editing on. So fast you'll need to hold onto your socks.



Is it a theme? Is it a plugin?
No, it's Divi!
The batman reference may be lost on you, but what won't be is your time if you use Admin Page Spider at the same time as Divi! I'm proud of myself with this wordplay, but you'll be proud of how quickly you can jump into all your pages directly in Divi with no wasted time.


Advanced Custom Fields

When you have ACF you're generally setting up some pretty advanced customizations in WordPress. And to go through and find all the things you've been working on can be a bit of a pain. Admin Page Spider simplifies this dramatically by giving you a menu where you can see everything by Advanced Custom Fields directly from your Admin Bar. Time saver much?!


Brizy Builder

Brizy Builder is a fun new powerful WordPress page builder growing in popularity. By using it with Admin Page Spider you'll get a quick access menu to all your pages to be able to open them directly! So much faster!


CSS Hero

Another legendary CSS Editor for WordPress. But like it's fellow editors, they are fun to use, but a pain to load and go in & out of. Admin Page Spider means you can cut out that pain point by directly opening any page directly in the editor. No more waiting for pointless pages to load.

Or if you're in a hurry and I haven't heard of your plugin yet - Build Your Own Menu!

If you find a post type that just doesn't get edited the normal way, you can also build your own menu! This way basically any post type can be supported, if you find you keep having to visit the pages of another plugin just to edit or publish them, you won't have to ever again.

Custom Post Types

Streamline your work & save time now

There is More!

Admin Page Spider is constantly listening to feedback!
Every active license gets access to future updates & quality support!

  • Ultra Lightweight & Fast
    No effect on site speed!
  • QuickAccess Menu
    Extra menu for common WordPress features
  • Whitelabelling
    Menu renaming is included
  • Search Filtering & Sorting
    Find anything immediately
  • Multisite Compatible
    One license for thousands of sites
  • Nested Navigation
    See your page structure at a glance
  • Inline Information
    See useful info - dates, drafts etc
  • WPML Multilingual Support
    Page languages at a glance
  • And Much More!

The Hype

Check out some of these unsolicited reviews from various Facebook groups! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"This is the first plugin I install on every single one of my sites, I cannot live without it."

"Truly a time saver - you don't realise how clunky the navigation is in WordPress is til you use this plugin."

"This is awesome!"

"I just installed this on an ecommerce site with over 1500 products and I cannot believe how much this has streamlined our processes. What an amazing plugin!"

"This works amazing with Beaver Builder - gives you access to templates and saved rows with Themer too"

"I can see Pods and ACF too - this is great!"

"This should be baked into the default WordPress code"

"This plugin is a steal"


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