Admin Page Spider and Beaver Builder

The OG Plugin Combination which will have you building sites in minutes, not months!


Admin Page Spider and Beaver Builder are two powerful tools that can work together to create an efficient and user-friendly website. Beaver Builder is a drag-and-drop page builder that makes it easy to create a visually appealing website without having to write any code.

When used together, Admin Page Spider adds handy menus for Beaver Builder's features.


Open Pages Directly In Beaver Builder

You can open pages directly in Beaver Builder. Even if the page is brand new and hasn't been set up yet. There is even an Admin Page Spider menu inside the builder so you can jump to edit other pages before even finishing the one you're on!


Supports Beaver Themer & Templates

Admin Page Spider also support Beaver Themer by displaying a list of your templates and saved rows and saved modules. It becomes incredibly easy to navigate around your underlying templates without having to search for them.


Super Convenient in-editor menu

We also add a super handy page spider menu directly inside the editor. All the pages will open in a new tab too so you don't even have to worry about the page you're on - As soon as you think of something you can go and edit it.


 Add Beaver Cache Clearing QuickLink

The convenient 'QuickLinks' feature also has a feature to quickly clear the Beaver Builder cache - one of the most frustrating quirks of the plugin finally solved!


Using Admin Page Spider and Beaver Builder together is one of the most efficient ways to create a website that is both user-friendly and visually appealing without taking you a ton of time.

Beaver Builder was the first plugin Admin Page Spider supported with additional features and remains one of the best combinations out there.

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