Admin Page Spider and CSS Hero

Your WordPress Design but faster, with CSS Hero and Admin Page Spider


Take your WordPress website design to the next level with the winning combination of Admin Page Spider and CSS Hero. Admin Page Spider conveniently places all your page links in the admin bar, providing quick access to your pages without navigating through menus. Paired with CSS Hero, a powerful visual CSS editor, you have the tools to effortlessly customize and style your website but much faster than before.


CSS Hero, from, empowers you to take full control of your website's appearance without any coding. With its intuitive interface and point and click functionality, you can easily modify fonts, colors, spacing, and more. Admin Page Spider seamlessly integrates with CSS Hero, allowing you to navigate directly from the admin bar to the CSS Hero editor for any page, for efficient customization.

Elevate your WordPress design experience with Admin Page Spider and CSS Hero. Simplify page access, customize styles effortlessly, and create a visually captivating website. Streamline your workflow and spend more of your time optimizing your website's aesthetics with this powerful combination rather than going back and forth between different pages and the dashboard.

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